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Mexican Auto Insurance for Albuquerque, NM Drivers

Easily the most popular international destination for Americans, Mexico welcomes tens of millions of U.S. travelers each year. Because they live nearby, many of these guests come from border states like New Mexico. Whether on vacation, visiting family, or conducting business, you can save a pretty penny if you drive your own car south of the border, rather than renting one. But before you can safely and legally drive on Mexican roads, you must purchase Mexican auto insurance from a reputable insurer.

Auto Coverage Rules

U.S. auto insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico. When you rent a car in Mexico, domestic auto coverage is typically included in the rental fee. But when you drive your personal vehicle across the border, you must obtain coverage on your own. Although the laws may differ from state to state in Mexico, all foreign drivers are required to carry liability insurance. Failure to do so could result in costly fines and penalties, as well as possible jail time.

The Confusion

Many Americans drive to Mexico under the mistaken impression that they have valid auto insurance coverage. The most common cause of this confusion is that some American insurers will pay for damage that occurs south of the border. However, they will NOT cover damages or injuries to third parties in Mexico. It is not surprising, then, that American drivers often find themselves in sticky predicaments when they have an accident in Mexico.

The Penalties

If the accident was your fault, the Mexican authorities will demand proof that you can pay for the damages you caused to the third parties. The easiest, most expeditious way to do that is to show them your Mexican insurance ID card. If you don't have one, the police can detain you until you provide payment for the damages. If you cannot do so, there's a good chance you will be charged with a crime.

The Solution

Purchasing Mexican liability insurance for your vehicle is the only way to avoid that nightmare scenario. Whether the accident was your fault or not, you should be able to go on your way without much of a holdup. In addition to liability insurance, U.S. drivers can purchase comprehensive auto policies that protect vehicles against physical damages and theft. These policies are popular with visitors who travel to major cities in Mexico.

Call for a Quote

Albuquerque Insurance World is proud to offer highly competitive rates on Mexican auto insurance. With access to several reputable insurance providers south of the border, we'll shop around to get you the best possible deal on your auto coverage. Contact us for a free quote.

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